Thursday, February 12, 2015

Imatra, Finland: Wintertime - January 2015

James and I have now made our new home in Imatra, Finland. We are both still working for International Paper. He is an environmental consultant traveling every day to and from our paper mill across the border in Svetogorsk, Russia. I am now working as a project manager for a global systems initiative and based out of our apartment in Imatra.

James traveled to and from Russia throughout 2014 before finding an apartment and beginning life as an ex-patriot in October. I made the move to Imatra in January. Besides being a little chilly, this part of the world is absolutely beautiful as seen by the photos here. These pictures were taken along the walking path near the Vuoksi River which can be seen right out our living room window.


  1. I love living in Finland with you!! You have made this experience PERFECT and this is only the beginning!!! I LOVE YOU

  2. It's a beautiful place, winter & summer