Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Rome, Italy: Our Engagement - November 2014

On Sunday evening, November 23, 2014 James proposed to me on the Ponte Milvio in Rome, Italy. It was sunset and James chose the bridge farthest from the city because it was known for its romantic love locks. Inspired by a movie decades old, lovers come to the Ponte Milvio to hang a lock on the bridge adorned with the their names and throw the keys in the river below to symbolically represent their ever-lasting love.

A few years ago the Ponte Milvio was so covered in love locks that the local government elected to cut the locks fearing the bridge would collapse under the massive weight. Couples still hang the locks on the bridge though risking a Euro fine for the gesture. The movie and the Ponte Milvio have inspired similar bridges all over the world.

James and I learned of this tradition and had three locks made with our names engraved. On November 23, James hung our lock on a lamp post on the Ponte Milvio just after proposing on bended knee. We kissed the keys and tossed them over the railing.

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