Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Liechtenstein: Largest Exporter of False Teeth - March 2015

Liechtenstein is a difficult country to visit. Only 62 square miles in area, it is landlocked between Austria and Switzerland. In order to travel there for many, it's likely needed to employ the use of a plane, train, bus and taxi.

We elected to explore Liechtenstein for the day by bus from nearby Zurich. Before visiting, my limited knowledge of this nation was that Carmen Santiago was often found hiding within its borders discovered with clues like "this micro-state is the size of a postage stamp."

Liechtenstein, in fact, is a fascinating place. Still ruled by a royal family who lives in a castle perched atop a mountain keeping watch of the capital of Vaduz, the tiny country has more registered companies than it does citizens. Suspicious, yes. It is also a desirable place to establish an additional bank account or secondary 'residence' for some. Additionally, Liechtenstein is the largest exporter of false teeth due to its fruitful ceramics industry.

A brief visit and a passport stamp was just enough for us.

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