Saturday, August 1, 2015

Twenty Questions Every World Traveler Asks. Can You Relate?

Traveling nourishes the soul, fuels the heart and broadens the mind. But while you are wandering the globe, often you must rely on strangers to show you the way. Throughout my travels, several of these questions made it into my daily mantra and seemed to always keep me guessing.
1.) Why can't you understand me?
2.) How much farther from here?
3.) Where am I?
4.) Is breakfast included?
5.) Is the conductor going to come by to see if I bought a ticket?
6.) What is the latest I can sleep and still make my flight/train/bus?
7.) How do they know I'm not a local?
8.) Think people can tell I'm wearing the same clothes as yesterday?
9.) Do I tip in this country?
10.) What do you mean my bag didn't make the flight?
11.) Do you speak English? 
12.) What if I board with business class?
13.) How low are you willing to go?
14.) I'm lost. Can you help me?
15.) Is it safe to drink the water?
16.) Voltage smoltage. What's the worst that could happen?
17.) What if I don't make my flight/train/bus?
18.) Is there free WiFi here?
19.) How long until I'm home?
20.) What day is it?

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