Saturday, September 12, 2015

Fifty United States: Our Journey Off the Beaten Path - September 2015

Guest Blogger: Pauline Leupo
U.S. Travel Enthusiast, Amateur Photographer & Decorative Spoon Collector

In today's day and age there are a variety of ways to keep our minds and bodies active. Some people are collectors, others are fans while still others tend to be more physically active. I’d like to think that, like a lot of people, I have the above three interests covered and more.
Twenty-eight years ago while my husband and I were moving to our fifth state for job purposes, we thought it would be an exciting challenge to visit all of the fifty states of America. With three daughters and a cat in tow, we moved to yet another state and continued our travels with more moves, vacations, colleges as well as visiting family and friends around the country.
From the east to west coasts, the midwest, north to south, the United States is a spectacular country. The terrain, as well as the food, cultures and landmarks vary from one area of the country to another. From natural wonders to man-made beauty, each state offers numerous photo ops with unique structures, humorous displays, historical sites, monuments and as much informational chatter as a brain can retain.
While everyone knows of the Golden Gate Bridge in California, the Empire State Building in New York and Disney World in Florida, I wanted to share some of the unique places "off the beaten path" we visited during our journey.
NORTH DAKOTA - MY 50th State, July 20, 2015; COLORADO - Silver Mine Tour; ARKANSAS - Hot Springs from the Observation Tower; NEBRASKA - Carhenge; LOUISIANA - The Bayou; TENNESSEE - ‘The Mighty Mississip'; MINNESOTA - Paul Bunyan Park; OKLAHOMA - Hometown of Roger Miller; MISSOURI - Harry S. Truman Library and Museum
VIRGINIA - Williamsburg Fifes & Drums March; NEW JERSEY - High Point, Highest Point in NJ; NORTH CAROLINA - Biltmore Estates, America’s Largest Home; PENNSYLVANIA -‘The Endless Mountains'; FLORIDA - Ponce De Leon Lighthouse, 203 steps; MASSACHUSETTS - Town of Agawam First U.S. Zip Code and Tobacco Barn; NEW HAMPSHIRE - Longest Wooden Bridge in the U.S.; OHIO - Erie Canal with Horse-Drawn Boats; ILLINOIS - Chicago's Willis Tower, 103rd floor
ALASKA - Mendenhall Glacier; NEW MEXICO - Puye Cliffs; HAWAII - View from Diamond Head; CALIFORNIA - Drive-Thru Redwood Tree; NEVADA - State with the Most Casinos; TEXAS - Leaning Water Tower on Route 66; WASHINGTON - Space Needle; WYOMING - Mammoth Hot Springs; MONTANA - Glacier National Park
By traveling to each of the fifty United States, I have felt a tremendous sense of accomplishment and have an undeniable appreciation for our beautiful and diverse country. Seeing the sights with my own eyes and experiencing a few of the ‘little things’ less publicized in each state have made it an awesome journey. A journey that I’m proud to say has been treasured because I enjoyed every place and every moment.

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