Monday, February 1, 2016

Serengeti, Tanzania: Glamping in the Grasslands - January 2016

Glamping: glamorous luxury camping with resort-style services and amenities.
While on safari in Tanzania, one of our night's accommodation was at the Serengeti Tortilis Camp. After a long, dusty day scouting animals our safari guide pulled off a main road in the national park and onto a dirt trail. At the end of the trail was a campground with several large sleeping tents and a tented common area.

Upon arrival we were greeted by a porter who gave us a hand radio and escorted us to our private tent. Our tent, like the nine others available for occupancy, was divided into four rooms: unzipping the outer waterproof cover revealed the lounge area with a couch, chairs and table; the second and largest room housed a queen-sized bed with mosquito netting and vanity; a small room behind the bedroom was outfitted with furniture for our luggage, and the last room contained the bathroom area with a fully-functioning sink, commode and hot-water shower.

As we became acquainted with our luxurious "camping" quarters, the porter informed us that 35 liters of hot water was available for our shower that evening, and we simply needed to shout when we wanted him to pour the water from above the tent which would come through the shower head. We were also told that the walkie-talkies were for communicating with the staff so that we could be escorted to and from our tents and the common area due to the active wildlife surrounding the campground.

Walking to dinner that night the sky was illuminated by constellations, and we could smell the delicious food being prepared. In addition to the sleeping tents, the campground's common area included a lounge area, bar and restaurant. The restaurant served a set three-course meal with various libations available for purchase.

We learned that the semi-permanent campground was completely powered by solar panels. The common area was outfitted with WiFi and various power charging stations were available to guests.

After a restful night's sleep, we awoke in the morning to the sound of bird calls. Walking to common area that morning we admired a giraffe grazing alongside our tent and later from our breakfast table, we saw a family of elephants and two lions running through the tall grass.

The all-male staff we met at the camp couldn't have been friendlier, and the service was impeccable. We definitely enjoyed our first experience glamping and would highly recommend the Serengeti Tortilis Camp to for those looking for a comfortable night of adventure.

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