Thursday, January 14, 2016

We Will Not Travel in Fear - January 2016

Today the world woke to the news of yet another terrorist bombing rocking a nation; this time the senseless killings took place in Jakarta, Indonesia. Two days ago the headlines screamed of 23 innocent people murdered in Istanbul, Turkey. Tragedy also recently struck Paris, Beirut, San Bernardino and Kandahar. Our world is broken.

My heart goes out to the people who call these places home. I tremble imagining the horror and grief the families are experiencing. Attacks target coffee shops, restaurants, airports and revered cultural sites; terrorists are aiming to make people feel unsafe in their own homes. The terrorists are succeeding.

Shock waves from these inhumane acts of violence are being felt around the world. While following the media in disbelief, masses display an outpouring of support and plead for the atrocities to end. An undeniable feeling of powerlessness abounds.

It is a tough time to be a traveler. My husband and I were in Istanbul four days ago. We stood in Taksim Square revelling in the beauty of the city. In the recent days family and friends have called panicked, urging us not to travel. And in response we question: is the place we consider home any safer? How can we anticipate where the next tragedy will occur? Do we stop living our lives?

Our world is spectacular and boundless. Its people are largely kind and good-hearted. I will not let extremists color my outlook or hinder me from doing what I love. I will not change how I live my life. We will not travel in fear.


  1. VERY GOOD MESSAGE! I'm feeling your vibe right now! Cannot let them win.

  2. So true...keep going as I agree, you are no safer at home, at the coffee shop around from your work than in a strange city across the world. Worldnis a scary place but if we stop living then they have won